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We are a team of passionate and enthusiastic game developers, programmers, game designers and dreamers based in Bangladesh. We make games that are absolutely for anyone and everyone. We give life to distinct narratives with a tint of joy. Our games aim to settle your mind in a hustle and be worthy of your time. We will make you go “WOAH” in a good way!


Sleepy Penguin games stand strong in their own might, unique from any conventional game activity you have experienced before. To reach for the stars, we already have 15+ significant games that can wave at you with vibes of endless potential and keep you occupied until you yawn for sleep.

Fog of War


Our upcoming survival game. As the country descends into civil war, two groups take control of different areas of the city. A 12-year-old girl is trying to survive the horrors of war and struggling to reunite with her loved ones who have gone missing!


Hyercasual | Mobile

Tap out the boredom or tension. Just play, pass the time, chill out and freshen up. Bored out of traffic? Power Outage? Super tensed on a specific matter? Circulate helps you to reticulate your mind and focus on the game removing the boredom or anxiety out temporarily. This is a super easy game to keep your mind diverted for a specific period and is addictive as well. Have fun tapping. and enjoy the scoring.

Paper Plane Earth

Hyercasual | Mobile

The aim of the game is to time your jump accurately to avoid the obstacles which are the famous monuments and landmarks of the world. The earth keeps rotating with the monuments on top and the paper plane has to jump over those to score points. When the paper plane crashes onto the monuments, it is game over!

Save Earth!

Hyercasual | Mobile

Defend the earth from incoming enemies. You are a rocket ship that can shoot and destroy incoming rockets, asteroids, and meteors. Do so for as long as you can and save the earth. The amount of enemies and their speed will keep changing over time, so always be on guard!

Emotion Expression

Educational | Mobile

A wide variety of diseases collectively known as autism, or autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), is characterized by difficulties with social skills, repetitive activities, speech, and nonverbal communication. This game helps to understand the emotions of ASD people.

Sex and Nutrition Education Game

Educational | Mobile

This serious game is basically for young children of age between 11 to 15. This is a story based game. Each game teaches its users about a particular topic. The main purpose of this game is to give a proper idea about sex and nutrition to the young age groups..


Educational | Mobile

An environment education-based game, begins with a traditional story of Timore Leste designed to teach people about environmental pollution. The game revolves around the main character. Besufa and her best friend Avo fall in a trap of underwater waste. By completing different tasks, the mission of the game is to rescue Avo by saving the environment.

Doomed Droplet

Hypercasual | Mobile

A blue droplet is doomed inside the cell phone screen. It's encircled by spiky creatures that are moving at random speeds and directions. The player places his finger on the bubble and ensures its safety by moving it away from the spikes.

Heaven & Hell

Hyercasual | Action | Mobile

One of the games which through you in heaven also in hell wanna play? It is an interactive game having two parallel worlds with two different backgrounds. Which we named one as Heaven and another one as Hell. Players have to move the ball into these two parallel worlds in which there are so many obstacles. If the ball pushes with any obstacle the game will end.

Ballon Up

Hyercasual | Strategy | Mobile

Don't let your balloon blow off t o the Obstacle and try to Save your balloon from the obstacle & Spike. In This Game The player has to tap on the screen and make wind to give the balloon direction and save the balloon from the obstacle and Spike. Also by this wind direction the balloon has to collect the power booster and make some energy to move forward.

Flap Eat

Simulation | Action | PC

Flap Eat just has to flap your hands as wings to ensure that the character you are playing, which happens to be a bird, stays up in the air and eats points in order to survive. Team Battery Low developed this game with simple motion-based


Education | Casual | Mobile

Bachao is a customized game for kids where they can play the game while learning about shapes of Triangle, Square and circle with different colors and also they can be a part of the game by using their own picture. Start with a similar shape and colour but If they use different shapes then the game will end.


Hyercasual | Action | Mobile

Several hundred years from now, the world is out of resources. Envo is the character who travels through different universes to bring life back to earth.There are 5 galaxies that possess the required resources. Aero has oxygen, Aqua has water, Energo has energy, Methanus has gases, Fertilia has fertile soil. Each galaxy has 7 universes and there are multiple planets, each gets unlocked after the completion of the previous one.

Love in the air

Hyercasual | Action | Mobile

Flowers? Cakes? Roses? OLD. How about a GAME made with the characters of you and your love? Have your own love game where you two get to be the characters of the game and collect amazing gifts for each other- JUST like this one! Make a custom game today and give it to your partner!

Jerk Your Battery

Education | Casual | AR

It is an interactive campaign game. It’s a multiplayer game where you have to shake your phone. The person who shakes the most in a minute wins!

AR Battery Low


This game gives you the opportunity to play Basketball, Football, Cricket and all your favorite games in augmented reality in one place!

Charge Hunt AR


The ultimate thrill of a treasure hunt in augmented reality! Get in the action with 10 custom treasures to find. Find them and scan them with the game. Get the best out of the score matrix and make a run for it for reaching faster.

Cricket VR


It is a customizable Virtual Reality based cricket game where you chase different targets with different difficulties.

Kick The Ball


It is a penalty shootout challenge using motion sensor technology.


We assembled together because of the love & passion for the games. Friendly, extremely intelligent and at the same time forethinking- it is safe to say that our team members depict the exact characteristics of a penguin!

Meet our dynamic team of individuals!


Salman Azim



Rashik Hoque

Head, Business Development


Afia Adiba

Business Development Executive


MD Irteza Rahman

Game Developer


Al-Amin Khalid

Game Developer


Mahmudul Haque

Concept Artist


Hasib Hasan

Game designer


Imtiaz Pranto

Game writer


Labiba Binte Ismail

Game writer


Our game studio is equipped with the latest conveniences, perfect for creative minds to turn dreams into realities. But it isn’t always bound by four walls only, the inspiration ranges from every corner of nature.

Our discussion sessions in the studio are nothing short of new stories written each day, with new chapters full of enthralling twists and turns.


If you reached this far, don’t leave without getting in touch! Let us know if you have an interesting project in mind, or share your feedback on any of Sleepy Penguin’s games, we would love to hear from you!


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